What can McLaughlin Garner Group do for you?
Image courtesy of Kelly Price with Mississippi State University 


Shannon and Emily put their creativity and design expertise to work helping you define a unique vision, establish a strong message, set specific goals, and craft a thorough timeline for your event. They handle all of the vital details from day one to ensure success, resulting in an elegant, polished event without all the stress.

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From the very beginning, McLaughlin Garner Group will be on hand to help you:

  • Determine your creative vision & messaging.
    • MGG will assist you in bringing all the elements of your event into one cohesive vision that can be clearly and effectively communicated for success.
    • MGG will develop "ready to print" messaging and communication for a variety of promotional contexts.
  • Establish your budget & expenditures.
    • MGG will create a working budget for your review.
    • MGG will work to create cost effective solutions and revenue­-enhancing measures to improve set budget.
  • Prepare a thorough timeline.
    • MGG will help determine a reasonable working timeline to ensure all project stages are completed on-schedule.
  • Select and secure a location venue, partner vendors, promotional materials, awards, and gifts.
    • MGG will bid on your behalf to secure best possible pricing and availability from partner vendors, where possible.
    • MGG will assist with the following promotional items including, but not limited to: Nametags, Ribbons, T-shirts, Giveaways, Door Prizes and Speaker Gifts. 
  • Direct the creation, production, and dissemination of publicity materials.
    • MGG will work with approved graphic artists, print vendors, mailing services, website creators and hosts, and other necessary partners to create a cohesive, effective publicity campaign.
    • MGG will assist with the following collateral including, but not limited to: Save-The-Date Cards, Brochures, Program Agendas, Registration Packets, Seminar Handouts, Convention Booklet & Attendee Listing, Meeting Evaluations & Convention Signage.


From start to finish, Shannon and Emily keep you connected and caught up. They coordinate with partners and vendors to maintain progress, stay on top of impending deadlines, manage registration and accommodations, communicate with speakers and guests, and oversee all details to ensure the project stays on-schedule and on-budget.

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Throughout the entire process, McLaughlin Garner Group will be by your side to help you:
  • Stay on track and on schedule.
    • MGG will remind all partners of impending deadlines.
    • Schedule and set the agenda for necessary planning meetings.
  • Monitor expenditures and stay on budget.
    • MGG will manage event expenses and paperwork, sending you copies of invoices to make keeping up with payments simple and quick.
  • Serve and assist speakers and guests.
    • MGG will assist with speaker relations for tasks such as contract negotiation, accreditation, logistical needs, and on-site accommodations.
    • MGG will coordinate guest accommodations and recreational activities, managing contracts and reservations and solving problems as they arise.
  • Manage publicity and promotion.
    • MGG will manage social media to include: Website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter messaging.
    • MGG will develop "ready to print" messaging and communication for a variety of promotional contexts.
  • Conduct comprehensive location planning.
    • MGG will schedule and conduct a pre-event site visit as necessary.
    • MGG will provide all convention planning to include: Accommodations, Meeting and Exhibition Space, Food & Beverage, & Logistics.


Shannon and Emily are on the job for every moment of your event, ensuring that all goes smoothly and dealing with any problems that arise. They handle day-of paperwork, help you with speeches and introductions, and manage hospitality functions. With them on your team, you are free to enjoy your event and engage with your guests.

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Throughout the entire process, McLaughlin Garner Group will be by your side to help you:

  • Perform hospitality functions.
    • MGG will manage the following convention functions including, but not limited to: Registration, Exhibition Hall, Hospitality Receptions, Luncheons, Dinners, Children’s Activities, Auctions, Guided Tours, and other functions as necessary.
    • MGG will handle on-site distribution of all convention materials.
  • Present a polished public face.
    • MGG will prepare essential scripts and stage notes for convention chair.
    • MGG will provide emcee services as needed and/or requested.
  • Supervise and manage support staff.
    • MGG will provide on-site supervision & staffing of all convention functions (2-3 Staff).
    • MGG will handle on-site management & confirmation of catering & food/beverage services, meeting facilities & exhibition hall.
  • Coordinate and communicate.
    • MGG will stay in communication with everyone on the team—speakers, vendors, volunteers—to keep relations smooth.


We are available for freelance consultant work across a wide range of industries, events, and projects. We look forward to the opportunity to present you with our creative concepts in greater detail, and to discuss how we can partner with you.

We do our best to respond promptly to each and every message. However, we may be providing on-site support for a client's event or otherwise engaged away from our desks and devices. In that case, you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours.